Manufacturer of all type of 'Expansion Bellows', Leather Bellows, Rexine Bellow, Foam Bellow, Fabric Bellow, Canvas Bellow, Rubber Bellows.

Neeta Bellows is a leading manufacturer of all types of expansion bellows & covers used in all types of Industries. Bellows & Covers are used in machine to prevent dust particles, metallic chips, foreign particles to enter into the precision or important part of the machine to avoid damages to! it and give longer life to the machine part to avoid brake down of machine. It also gives better look to the machine & covers the damaged or unseen part of the machine. It also covers the safety of the user.

Bellows are of various types of material Bellows can be given various sizes and shapes as per requirement of the machine Bellows are also used in
Leather Bellows Circular Bellows Liquid
Foam Bellows Rectangular Bellows Oil
Rexene Bellows Square Bellows Coolant
PVC / Plastic Coated Bellows Hexagon Bellows Water
Fabric Bellows C Type Bellows Dust
Silicon Coated Fabric Bellows Camera Type Bellows Hot air
Nylon Plast Polyester Bellows Roller Guard Metallic chips
Rubber Coated Fabric Bellows Powder
Convan Bellows Granules
High Temp. Fabric Bellows Smokes etc.
Rubber Bellows
Bellows are having various application in all types of such as Bellows are used in various M/C such as
Engineering / Mechanical Industries. All type of grinding M/C Vertical / Horizontal,
Hydraulics / Pneumatic industries. Jig Boaring M/C,
Food Industries. All type of CNC M/C Hydraulics, presses,
Plastic Industries Hydraulics Cylinders
Cement & Tiles Industries Testing M/C etc.
Electrical and Electronics Industries.
Chemical Industries.
Computerized / Scientific Instrumentation.
Marble polishing M/C manufacturing Industries
Coal & Paint Industries.
Grinding M/C manufacturing Industries.

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